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Use Your “Throwing” Energy to Swing Your Driver

Use Your “Throwing” Energy to Swing Your Driver

Why are you making golf so troublesome for your self?  You realized to throw a ball nicely earlier than you picked up your first golf membership.  In case you take into account the elbow bend required to windup and throw a ball, you’ll notice that this is identical movement that your trailing proper arm makes whenever you throw a sidearm baseball. Sure, your hand comes excessive whenever you throw a baseball, however the identical energy is there whenever you throw a side-arm pitch.  Shouldn’t you have the ability to generate extra energy whenever you swing a driver as in case you are throwing a side-arm pitch together with your proper arm?

Simply use your regular physique motion to generate extra energy.  If you’re right-handed, you might have thrown a ball together with your proper arm tons of if not 1000’s of occasions.  That movement is the one movement that you must generate extra velocity.  Tiger is of course right-handed and he solely thinks about throwing his RIGHT wrist to launch his DRIVER by the ball as quick as he can.

I discovered this YouTube picture of a golfer throwing his proper arm as an instance producing his highly effective swing.

I’m naturally left handed in each factor that I do besides taking part in golf.  [Right-handed clubs were the only clubs in the attic when I was younger.  So I had no choice but to learn to swing with those old right-hand clubs.]  Now that I’ve realized to swing with out coming excessive, I lastly perceive the significance of constructing velocity and energy with my trailing weaker proper arm.

Utilizing my proper arm to generate energy in my golf swing was a serious bodily change for my physique and thoughts.  Thankfully, I’ve additionally realized to make use of my proper arm to make single handed photographs in tennis and pickleball.  If you’re naturally right-handed you actually ought to benefit from the pure feeling of producing energy with your proper “throwing arm” on your golf swing.

Treasure the following second that you just choose up your driver and take into consideration producing extra energy and swing velocity together with your proper arm. Use your side-arm throwing motion to generate that energy.  You now have a brand new perspective whenever you ship highly effective drives.  Let your trailing arm shallow in your backswing and take over the facility of your swing up the slot in your goal line.

Now you must notice why your straight main arm (your left arm) is chargeable for delivering a full arc throughout your downswing. Your proper arm is simply delivering the POWER on your huge swinging arc of your driver to the purpose of impression.  Apply with GOLFSTR+ in your weaker left arm to regulate your STRAIGHT ARM and LONG arcing swing for extra energy.  Purchase one right now at www.GOLFSTR.com   




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