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Superbet Chess Basic 7: Firouzja catches Caruana

Anish Giri has turn out to be the newest participant to beat Ding Liren after the World Champion allowed a strong piece sacrifice on transfer 11 in Spherical 7 of the Superbet Chess Basic. Ding has dropped to final place, however he has the corporate of his World Championship challenger Ian Nepomniachtchi, who was put to the sword by Alireza Firouzja. The younger star now co-leads with Fabiano Caruana going into the ultimate two rounds.

Spherical 7 of the Superbet Chess Problem was a repeat of Spherical 5, with each of the 2023 World Championship individuals crashing to heavy defeats.

There was no distraction from these two video games, for the reason that remaining three video games have been comparatively uneventful attracts. Wesley So confirmed zero ambition in opposition to Fabiano Caruana and took a 24-move draw, Duda-MVL featured an offbeat opening however by no means flared into life, whereas it felt as if the drama within the longest recreation of the day, Rapport-Deac, wasn’t actually on the chessboard.

Since switching to the Romanian Chess Federation, Richard Rapport has taken over Bogdan-Daniel Deac’s no. 1 spot, and the connection seems strained. There was a curious begin, as Richard determined to go away the ceremonial opening transfer on the board, whereas Bogdan-Daniel needed him to take the transfer again after which make it once more himself.

After that, commentator Cristian Chirila revealed that his father, working as an arbiter on the occasion, had been approached by Richard with a grievance about Bogdan-Daniel hitting the clock too onerous after his strikes. We by no means obtained open battle on the board, nonetheless, with only one pair of pawns swapped off earlier than a draw on transfer 63.

In his Spherical 7 post-game interview, Fabiano Caruana commented of Ding Liren’s close to loss to Wesley So the day earlier than:

The way in which he performed simply confirmed a scarcity of feeling of hazard. One thing’s very off.

That will apply much more to Spherical 7, the place, regardless of Anish Giri enjoying his strikes immediately, Ding Liren determined to go for 10…g5?, inviting a bit sacrifice on g5.

It was the worst attainable state of affairs for Ding, since Anish, with Jan Gustafsson as his second, knew the place.

I remembered that this transfer order is just not superb, as a result of the sac right here is robust… I used to be lucky that I’d checked out this.

For the rest of the sport Ding was on the ropes, continually looking for methods to keep away from quick catastrophe. There have been alternatives as properly, as an example on transfer 16.

The pc claims 16…Bxe3+! as 0.00, with the follow-up 17.fxe3 Nb8! and the knight coming to d7 to alleviate its pinned colleague on f6.

That was a theme that will return later, however in a a lot trickier scenario, after Anish Giri discovered the important 22.Qe2! to maintain a bonus.

What to do concerning the attacked bishop on e6? The most suitable choice was once more to surrender the dark-squared bishop with 22…Bxe3+! 23.fxe3 after which play 23…Bg4!, when after 24.hxg4 Ne4! Black has actual counterplay.

As a substitute Ding picked the less complicated method to get one thing for the bishop with 22…Bxh3!? 23.gxh3 Kf8 24.h4 Bd4.

Right here Anish Giri’s 25.Rxd4!? exd4 26.Nf5 was an echo of Ding Liren’s first win within the match in opposition to Ian Nepomniachtchi, although on this case it was solely the pc’s third alternative within the place. Anish defined, nonetheless, that he dreaded the ridicule if he’d missed an opportunity to beat the World Champion by not enjoying such a transfer.

He needn’t have fearful, as within the following sequence he performed the pc’s first alternative for eight strikes in a row, by which stage he was completely profitable. As an example, he discovered essentially the most medical end of exchanging off one of many knights with 30.Nh6+! and after 30…Nxh6 he didn’t recapture.

31.Qxe5! was extra highly effective, and Giri would later pressure resignation with one other queen transfer, 36.Qc3+!.

The black knight on g4 can’t be saved, and the endgame is totally hopeless for Black.

That signifies that regardless of a really gradual begin, Anish Giri is all of the sudden proper again within the hunt for 1st place in one other supertournament. He additionally holds the bragging rights of getting crushed each World Champion Magnus Carlsen, in Wijk aan Zee, and now World Champion Ding Liren. In truth, he additionally beat Ding in Wijk, so Anish might declare much more.

After all, I’m completely satisfied to defeat the World Champion. This yr I’ve crushed a World Champion you would say thrice. It’s onerous to say, as a result of I beat Magnus when he was a champion, then I beat Ding earlier than he was a champion, and now I’ve crushed him once more, so I’m actually proud of that.

There’s critical competitors for bragging rights, nonetheless, since 19-year-old Alireza Firouzja can now say he’s crushed each the World Champion and the runner-up, Ian Nepomniachtchi, in the identical match. There’s clear water between him as world no. 2 and the chasing pack, although in fact there’s an excellent larger hole to Magnus Carlsen as world no. 1.

Firouzja-Nepomniachtchi in some ways adopted an identical state of affairs to the Giri-Ding recreation. Alireza commented of profitable with a quiet opening setup:

It feels nice. Ian has a really stable repertoire with Black, so it’s actually troublesome to get a recreation in opposition to him… It’s not something particular, but it surely’s fascinating, to get a recreation at the least.

We didn’t get a dramatic sacrifice the best way we did within the Giri recreation, however with 23.Qxa7 Alireza had received a pawn.

“It’s not straightforward for Black as a result of he’s down a pawn”, stated the teenager, and Nepomniachtchi wanted to play precisely to carry the steadiness. 23…Ng6! was the proper transfer right here, not 23…Nf5!?, and on transfer 26 Ian missed one other probability to equalise with 26…Nh4!

Alireza, in the meantime, was capable of win the sport by enjoying completely logical strikes. After grabbing the a7-pawn he pushed his queenside pawns to create a handed pawn, with the scenario vital after 28.a5. As soon as extra, Ian’s Achilles’ heel of enjoying too quick in such positions returned, and he went for the dropping 28…Qe2?

At a look the transfer seems highly effective. There’s no time to defend the f3-pawn with 29.Kg2? because of 29…Nxe3+, however there was a vital element within the place. After 29.a6! Qxf3 Alireza had 30.Qg4!

After 30…Qxg4+ 31.hxg4 Nd6 32.Be5 Black has to surrender the knight to cease the pawn. Ian’s 30…Qd5 31.e4 Qxb5 32.Ba1!? Qxa6 33.exf5 featured the identical commerce of a bit to cease the pawn, however right here Nepomniachtchi obtained a glimmer of hope, since he was capable of sacrifice his queen for a place with some possibilities to carry.

Alireza stated he wasn’t a believer within the fortress, however there may need been a troublesome combat forward if after 37.h4 Ian hadn’t instantly weakened his king place with 37…g6? however as an alternative gone for 37…Rg6+.

Because it was, Alireza was capable of manoeuvre till the proper alternative arose to surrender his queen for Black’s rook. 57.Qxf7+! ended the sport.

After the heavy items are traded the pawn endgame is a simple win for White.

That signifies that with simply two rounds to go Alireza Firouzja has caught Fabiano Caruana within the lead, whereas Ian Nepomniachtchi and Ding Liren be part of Bogdan-Daniel Deac in final place.

They really want a win, however Ding faces his second Richard Rapport in Spherical 8, whereas Nepomniachtchi is up in opposition to the rock stable Wesley So. For the leaders, in the meantime, there are additionally fascinating battles forward, with Caruana White in opposition to Anish Giri, whereas Firouzja is Black in opposition to Jan-Krzysztof Duda.

Tune into all of the Superbet Chess Basic video games from 14:30 CEST!

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