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Study to CRUSH the French Protection in 7 Minutes [TRAPS Included]

Are you uninterested in dealing with the French Protection chess opening and in search of an efficient approach to counter it as White? In the present day, I’ve received a secret weapon for you – a robust and weird opening line that may depart 99% of your opponents scratching their heads.

Counter the French Protection as White

Study to counter this opening as White by watching the next video lesson:

Beneath, yow will discover the variations proven within the video:

The French Protection Chess Opening

The French Protection is a strong and a resilient chess opening for Black which happens after the opening strikes 1.e4 e6.

French Defense chess opening for WhiteThough this transfer blocks the event of the c8-bishop for Black, they’d have extra space on the queenside.

The Uncommon 2.b3, Horwitz Assault

The journey begins with a shock transfer: 2.b3. This transfer throws your opponent off steadiness instantly, and chances are high, they’ve zero data about this unorthodox method.

French Defense chess opening for White

3.Bb2 – Setting the Stage for Dominance

As your opponent performs the usual French Protection transfer, 2…d5, you ignore the menace and play 3.Bb2. This transfer is a part of a long-term plan to create a monstrous bishop that places immense stress on Black’s kingside.

French Defense chess opening for White

You may watch the complete video lesson right here.

Creating Weaknesses – Let Them Take the Pawn

When your opponent decides to grab the seemingly undefended pawn on e4 with 3…dxe4, you calmly play 4.Nc3, able to recapture on the subsequent transfer. Some opponents may overcommit by holding onto the pawn with strikes like 4…f5 – a transfer that performs into your palms

French Defense chess opening for White

Exploiting Weaknesses – Advancing the Assault

As the sport unfolds, you assault the uncovered kingside, creating weaknesses that develop into the focal factors of your assault. After the strikes like 5.d3 exd3 6.Bxd3 Nf6 7.Qe2, threatening to seize the f5-pawn, 7…Be7 8.0-0-0, you set the stage for a robust offensive.

French Defense chess opening for WhiteYour opponent might imagine they’ve weathered the storm, however a hidden entice awaits. Castling queenside not solely protects your king but additionally unleashes tactical motifs like Bxf5, catching your opponent off guard.

Most gamers would overlook the menace and play 8…0-0, after which you win a few pawns with 9.Bxf5 Qe8 10.Bxe6+.

Easy But Lethal Attacking Plan

What’s outstanding about this line is its simplicity. Not like the advanced variations that come up from the French Protection, this opening presents an easy attacking plan. Your opponent is left in the dead of night, whilst you confidently advance your items.

Crushing the Opponent – Sacrifices and Lovely Combos

Right here’s an instance middlegame place that illustrates the ability of the monstrous bishop on b2. Tactical motifs like found assaults and sacrifices maintain your opponent on the defensive.

French Defense chess opening for WhiteBlack simply performed 14…Ne8 to guard the g7-pawn. How would you play right here as White? After calculating all doable variations, you may remark your reply under this video lesson.

Able to Counter the French Protection?

If you happen to’re intrigued and wish to delve deeper into countering the French Protection, take a look at my video tutorial right here.

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