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Now we have all heard of the benefit of the pair of bishops. Certainly, the 2 bishops are a formidable pressure, capable of management squares of each colors, thus not permitting any hiding place for the opponent’s items.

The bishops are significantly potent in open positions, the place they’ll roam free and assault all the pieces in sight.

However we have now additionally heard that there aren’t any fastened guidelines in chess. Typically, in open positions the bishops can not do a lot.

Check out the next place. It’s from the sport Carlsen-Anand, performed in Dortmund in 2007.

The place is symmetrical, however nonetheless open, so one would anticipate the bishops to dominate. Within the palms of an endgame virtuoso like Carlsen, it will seem that the sport is virtually gained!

And but, what would you say if I advised you that it is a useless draw? The truth is, Black’s place is a fortress!

You don’t imagine me? Effectively, let’s verify how the sport progressed. Black introduced the king to e7, despatched the bishop to b2 to assault the pawn on a3 and pressure a4 and positioned the pawns on f6 and e5.

Nonetheless unconvinced?

That’s good, since you in all probability noticed that White can open the place even additional by pushing f4. That might certainly improve the scope of the bishops and permit White to probe for weaknesses.

That is precisely what Carlsen did. After some preparation, he pushed f4 and the pawns had been exchanged on that sq.. Then they reached the next place.

White achieved his purpose and now he ought to use the facility of the bishops, proper?

Let’s see what might be executed. In case of 39.Be3 Bc5! Observe how Black controls all the squares on the fourth rank, from f4 to b4, making it unattainable for the white king to strategy. This isn’t modified if White takes on c5 as then the b-pawn takes over the duty of controlling the d4 and b4 squares. A fortress!

Realising this, Carlsen merely took on d6 and a draw was agreed upon.

A really instructive instance that reveals us the significance of understanding the place the items belong, which squares are finest for them. Anand understood that the knight on d6 was on its excellent spot, controlling the sunshine squares e4 and c4 and solely wanted to be complemented by the pawns (or the bishop) to cowl the remaining squares on the fourth rank. This setup created a fortress that even the highly effective bishops couldn’t convey down.



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